David Chiu with Family

Statement from Assemblymember David Chiu (Assembly District 17)

I am proud to endorse the Rise Together slate of ADEM candidates for Assembly District 17.

I love San Francisco, and it has been an incredible honor to serve the half million constituents of our Assembly District for the past six years. As a progressive beacon to the rest of the country, San Francisco champions diversity, inclusion, innovation and equity. Our shared progressive values at the local level influence state and national policymaking. What we do in San Francisco impacts ideas, movements and people throughout the country.

As 2021 approaches, the nightmare of the Trump Administration is finally coming to an end. I am confident the Biden-Harris Administration will steer us out of the pandemic and recession. However, there is an incredible amount of work we all need to do. COVID-19 has exposed deep inequality in our society. We need to ensure healthcare for all, a roof over everyone’s head, real strategies to combat climate change, progressive criminal justice reform, educational and economic opportunities for everyone regardless of status, and a social safety net that protects all of us. And, we need to incorporate these values into the agenda and leadership of the California Democratic Party.

I am endorsing the Rise Together slate because these candidates are amazing activists and organizers with lived experiences that should be represented in the California Democratic Party. They are advocates for immigrants, housing, transit, parents, students, small businesses and the environment. They are working people, including a janitor, a home caregiver, a sprinkler fitter, and public sector employees. They represent the diverse mix of people that makes San Francisco so vibrant – across race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religious background, and gender and sexual identity.

After four years of division, the only path forward is one in which we come together and do this important work together. Uniting is the only way we will make the progress we need to see in San Francisco, throughout California and across our country.

Together, we will rise.

In solidarity,